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Motorcyclist Gets Big Spiritual Lesson

Have you ever taken a mental picture that you know you’ll never forget? Sometimes life delivers a lesson, an image, a jolt that makes such a profound impression that it lasts a lifetime. This is a story of a simple act of generosity over 30 years ago that indelibly impacted me, materially and spiritually.

This past November I was heading from Vancouver Island to California on my motorcycle for a 3-day training workshop. All the early-winter storms seemed to be happening elsewhere, leaving me with decent weather for my journey. The return trip along the California, Oregon and Washington coast was spectacular.

As I rode south, I thought of earlier journeys. I recalled a solo motorcycle adventure the year I first became a grandfather.

Two Boys and a Blind Man

That particular journey started in Eastern Canada and took me through Mexico and Central America.

Zigzagging around Southern Mexico, I stopped at the central market in a town whose name I don’t remember. The market was enclosed by a 5-foot high brick wall with various entrances. The market occupied a whole city block in the centre of town.

The mid-afternoon temperature was in the 90s so the shade of the trees in the market square was beckoning. I parked my bike near one of the openings in the wall and prepared to head for the shade.

I could see that the market was quite busy, but the sidewalk outside the wall was almost deserted. Two 8- or 9-year-old boys with a shoeshine box were waiting patiently by the wall. About 30 meters further along the sidewalk, a man with a white cane and a tin cup was patiently leaning against the wall. No one else was in sight.

I wondered why the boys weren’t in school. They looked very poor and I assumed they had to work, as did many children in Mexico and Central America at that time.

I later discovered that in some Southern Mexico towns school hours were from 8 to 10 in the morning and resumed about 6 in the evening. So it’s possible the boys did go to school, but were working during their siesta. I’ll never know for sure.

When I returned from the market some time later, the boys were packing up their shoeshine box. I assumed they were calling it a day.

But before they headed for home, they walked over to the blind man and put some of their meager earnings in his cup. Apparently, they saw him as even more in need than they.

The Impact

In that instant of seeing the less fortunate in an act of heart share what little they had with those even more less fortunate, I got a glimpse of true generosity of spirit. It was a simple physical act. It was an immense spiritual act. It was a true act of community. Wow!

What happened in that moment touched my heart and soul. It was a pivotal moment in my own spiritual development. Even now after thirty plus years have passed, tears are clouding my vision as I recall the story.

That day I learned something about the immense generosity of spirit of which human beings are capable. I learned that generosity has absolutely nothing to do with how much money we have.

I can’t help but remember those boys whenever I give, whenever I hesitate to give, and whenever I receive.

I invite you to join me in remembering the story of the two boys and the blind man each time we have an opportunity to give or receive.

When we have experiences like this, my sense is we are to act on them. We get advice from all different sources in our lives. In my case, it was from the actions of two poor boys.

Is there a lesson for you too in the story of the two boys and the blind man? If yes, ask yourself, “What action can I take today?” Then do it!

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