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Why Do We Use Swear Words?

Swear words take place in every language. They are quite similar in meaning but sound different in many languages. One word could have a few meanings according to the context of a sentence where it is used. Why do we swear so much? This question has so many answers that we don’t even know which one is the most suitable. Swear words are the ones that foreigner memorizes the easiest. We don’t even know why it happens so.

Scientists who were making research on those “bad” words finally found that person who swears releases its aggression, becomes more relaxed, though, more sensitive to stress. Swear word is like a drug. When you use it, you get rid of aggression and negative energy, but for some time only. The more you use it, the more you want to do it, because it makes you feel comfortable at least for some short time period. Maybe it is good for person who swears, but not well for the people who surround him or her. It is because every person has its own energetic coverage. This coverage consists of the body electromagnetic energy. It is either more negative or more positive. Some people could have only positive energy dominant and vice verse. When you swear, you release your negative electromagnetic waves. Those waves fly into outer space. There is a rule that nothing can disappear, it only transfers into something else that appears somewhere. So, negative energy flies away, but then it causes something bad in this or other part of the world. Of course, it is not so big evil to cause earthquake or hurricane, but some minor things like someone could feel very upset, to catch a cold, have problems at school, etc.

Then, according to karma law, you get back your previously released bad energy in triple amount.

In a while it starts to ruin you and your personality. The more you swear, the worse you feel yourself after. Why it happens so? Because you try to do evil to the outer space by spreading negative energy. Even doing it subconsciously instead of doing something good.

And now imagine the result of some much more serious evil action planned before; what karmic result would it bring? Negative comes back to you with much worse results. So, next time you say F-word, try to think, does it worth it? Maybe it’s better to say something like “Well, that’s not good, but next time it’s going to be better”.

Nobody here is teaching you how to live; we just give you advice based on our own experience. If you don’t believe, try and check it.

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